Frequently Asked Questions


1. What types of events do you photograph?

We aim to focus most of our efforts on Weddings. However creativity is our passion and we cover a large number of other events such as birthdays, religious ceremonies, studio, fashion and corporate work.

2. How do you set your prices?

The main factors considered are :

- Personal style and natural talent
- Training
- Experience
- The quantity and quality of equipment
- Time spent editing (we spent 40-50 hours per Wedding)

We are able to tailor our packages to suit most investment ranges, please do not be afraid to discuss your requirements with us. However, we do not aim to compete with the prices of other photographers, our investment levels are standard for every client and are set according to our talent, training, creativity, time invested in your Wedding and our professional level equipment costs. Our prices reflect the quality of the finished product you will receive which cheaper companies cannot compete with.

3. How do I book you?

If we are available for your Wedding it would be great to meet you for a cup of coffee to discuss how best to capture your special day. Every couple and every Wedding is unique, so we will work together right from the start to plan how we can provide you with the best memories of your once in a lifetime event.

4. What is the coverage difference between 1 -2 photographers?

After an initial discussion with you to understand the type of wedding you are having, we will be able to advise on how many photographers are required to capture your Wedding. This is depending on the size and coverage you want to have on the day. We usually advise two for most larger Weddings, this provides the greatest scope for a variety of coverage. We do not bring any assistants to photograph, we exclusively provide professional photographers and videographers to be present at your Wedding. We are able to cater for a range of Wedding of any size, and regularly cover both small and large Weddings.

5. Do you have insurance?

Yes we have public liability insurance which covers just about every conceivable thing that could possibly go wrong to ensure you are protected. In addition we have a quantity of back-up equipment and photographers/videographers should anything go wrong on the day. All of your images will be backed up in at least 3 places. We leave nothing to chance as our reputation depends on it. It is important to us that our clients place their confidence in us to do a fantastic job with stunning memories to remember forever.

6. Whats included in your standard Wedding package?

We have no standard package; we tailor every story to be recorded according to your needs. Spectacular Wedding photography is all about the relationship we have with you. Because of this we always aim to have a pre-Wedding photoshoot and a venue visit with you to see you at least twice before we are part of your day. We know we will get the most natural images when you are completely relaxed, and like the stealthy ninjas that we are, you will not even be aware when we are working the magic!

7. Is there a surcharge for extra hours?

We will cover as many hours as you book us for. If your Wedding runs over rest assured we will not pack up and leave without speaking to you first. If you wish us to, we are of course happy to stay and cover anything else you wish us to.


8. What is the difference between standard video and full cinematography

Every scene and clip we capture has an emotion that has been intended to capture what is felt through our creative eye and concept. However, as the two vary and it is subjective, one might prefer videography over cinematography. It all depends what feeling and memories you want captured on your big day and how you wish your final video to look.

- Videography - When you are watching a home video versus a movie, you know the difference. The shooting technique, the image quality and the story telling are all different. Videography is featuring a single perspective with standard static video shots from a video tripod, the capturing of a moment in time from beginning to end. A short example showing standard single video perspective

- Cinematography - Is creating a journey from multiple perspectives from a multi camera set up for a cinematic feel. Special equipment will be employed for a more cinematic feel and will be edited into a stunning video. It is an art, it subtly blend shooting, creativity with storytelling. A short example showing full cinematic video perspective

9. How long after the events will I get my photos and video?

We work extremely hard to give you a finished result you will want to remember forever and without rushing them. We endeavour to give you a few images within 24 hours of your Wedding and the final product within 4-8 weeks, although may be slightly longer during busy times.

10. If you video an 8 hour wedding why do I not get an 8 hour video?

Our whole ethos is to provide you with a high quality finished product. We capture all of your day excluding breaks in events and we review all images and film footage carefully and edit the best so you remember your day in the most flattering way possible. Our work is our artistic interpretation of how we view your Wedding. Generally our videos depend on the length of your special day and number of videographers, we will discuss this with you but generally vary between 45 minutes and 2 hours, and we also include a shorter edited video as well to share online if you wish.

11. Can I get a longer video?

If you have a longer day we can provide a longer Wedding video if you wish, however please be advised the final product will lose quality and there will be an additional cost for the extra time to edit your final video. We will discuss this with you at our first meeting when we find out what you would like.

12. What will you need from us?

It is entirely up to you! We always prefer if you give us a list of songs you like to we can prepare your videos and image slideshows to fit with the mood you set. We are quite happy to select songs to go with the mood and complete them ourselves.

13. What are your album prices and the differences?

Our album prices vary depending on what you want. They start from £250 for an A4 hardback gloss bespoke album designed by ourselves and professionally printed and go up to £1200 for the large coffee albums. Our printers are calibrated and we edit every image individually with the final result in mind so it appears printed as we intended when we capture and edit the image.

14. Do you only shoot in London or where will you travel too?

We are happy to cover a Wedding anywhere and regularly travel across the South East of England and beyond. If you wish to book us for an overseas Wedding we would prefer it if we need our suntan lotion.

15. Should I book videography and photography through the same company?

We offer both photography and videography together or separately. We find that our team of photographers and videographers who work together regularly understand how each other think and are able to provide a fluid harmonous operation on the day to achieve the best end results. We direct our team and provide minimal disruption on the day. We never double book events on the same day so you will only have the top team at your Wedding!